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The Roots Timeline is a 350-year timeline of music in America that extends back to the early 1600s. It shows the various roots and influences that ultimately led to the development of Rock & Roll.
It traces roots music from the early settlers and slaves up to the mid 1960s when Rock & Roll firmly established itself as the new folk music of the Americas — and of much of the world.

The main focus is on the 100 years between 1865 and 1965. This is the period from just after the Civil War (when religious music began yielding to secular music, and when blacks were free to start developing their own music) up to the mid 1960s when Rock 'n' Roll matured into Rock with the lyrics of Bob Dylan and the music of the Beatles.

The Roots Timeline graphically portrays the development of, and interaction between, the 3 streams of music in America:
white roots music
black roots music

mainstream "popular" music of middle America (that was imposed, to a large extent, from the top down by the commercial songwriters and publishers of Tin Pan Alley)
The Roots Timeline invites much exploration: vertical, to see the linear development within a stream; and lateral, to see the interplay between streams.

The Roots Timeline attempts to distinguish between Rock roots and Rock influences. This is explained in the Chart Legend.

To trace the roots of Rock 'n' Roll, start at the bottom of the Timeline and scroll up.
To access a specific time period, click on a drop menu on the "Time Line" and release on the appropriate date.

In addition to offering this unique overview, the Roots Timeline will also provide links to music genres and artists.

The Online Roots of Rock

100 Years of Poular Music in America
from a Rock 'n' Roll perspective

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